Volunteer at High Sky

Thank you for your interest in volunteering at Highsky Children's Ranch!

The Volunteer Coordinator for High Sky is Rhonda Dominey and she can be contacted by email at rhondad@highsky.org or you can reach her at the High Sky office 432-694-7728.
Rhonda Dominey can assist you with questions regarding volunteering, donations, planning or taking part in activities, or can meet with individuals or groups to review the volunteer program and opportunities.

What areas are you interested in volunteering for?

You can come out to spend time with youth at the emergency shelters, go on activities with the youth and shelter staff, or take part in art projects!

There are many different types of activities that the youth take part in at the shelters. On the weekends we organized off campus and on campus activities that the youth really enjoy.

Of course if you have other ideas, suggestions, or if you have an activity you would like to do, but are not sure how to organize it or may need assistance, please let contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for providing the best gift you can give a child or young adult: Your Time.

High Sky invites the opportunity to work with volunteers to:

  1. Assist with special projects, fundraising, administration, buildings and grounds, etc.
  2. Help with Office Work.
  3. Provide special activities for youth.
  4. Adopt a Home and make visits consistently with the home, eating meals, providing special activities.
  5. Act as a big brother or sister.
  6. Mentor a youth.
  7. Become a "Friend of a Youth" or sponsor one particular youth.
  8. Provide for holidays and birthdays of youth.

Minimum Standards:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old to work alone with children.
  2. Must have excellent references and positive family values.
  3. Must agree to work within and support policies and guidelines of High Sky, as well as cooperate with the staff.
  4. Clear Criminal History
  5. Clear TB test
  6. Comply with all confidentiality expectations


  1. The Volunteer Program is overseen by the Treatment Coordinator and the Program Director / Executive Director.
  2. Each volunteer function will be outlined and supervised by the Treatment Coordinator.
  3. Interactions with youth must be pleasant, appropriate and non-disciplinary in nature.
  4. Volunteers are not to extend beyond the function outlined.
  5. Volunteers are to immediately report any inappropriate behavior of resident youth to a High Sky staff member.
  6. Volunteers must immediately report any incident of abuse or neglect of a child to the Program Director or Executive Director.
  7. If a child is allowed overnight visits with volunteers or sponsor families:
    - They must be properly fed, lodged and supervised as well as their health, safety and well being protected and
    - A provision for emergency medical care must be in place.
  8. No access to sensitive information in client files.
  9. All volunteers must maintain youth confidentiality at all times.
  10. Avoid sharing personal, private information with children and encourage them to share this type of information with a staff member or appropriate adult.


All volunteer requests are initially received by the Volunteer Coordinator who determines the type of service and requirements for that service.

Other than individuals or groups who only have infrequent, short-term visits with children while they are being supervised by High Sky staff, the following is required:

  1. An application with references including two non-relatives.
  2. Signed form on reporting child abuse/neglect.
  3. Orientation and Function Outline.
  4. Supervision by High Sky Staff

Individuals or groups who have frequent contact with the youth are also required to have the following:

  1. Criminal history checks.
  2. Abuse/ Neglect registry check
  3. Application
  4. Reference checks
  5. TB Test
  6. Training if needed

Individuals who have youth overnight in their homes will also require:

  1. A home visit by a High Sky staff.
  2. Pre-visit to the home by the youth.

The Executive Director or Program Director must approve the volunteer policies when individuals who work for another organization or agency have contact with the youth without High Sky supervision. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for all paperwork, volunteer files, and scheduling the orientation with the appropriate staff. The Executive Director or Program Director must approve all volunteers and assignments.

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