High Sky PAL Program

The national average age for a young adult to completely move out on their own without monthly financial assistance from their parents is 27 years of age. Currently in the state of Texas, we are asking foster youth, who have NOT had the advantage of growing in a stable and loving family to move out at the age of 18 and be completely independent.

Preparation for Adult Living (PAL) is designed to teach young adults ages 16-18 the skills necessary to make it on their own. Some of those skills include getting a job, money management, renting an apartment - understanding a lease, applying for college, seeking financial aid for college and preparing a meal. These are just a few of the skills required for young adults to become independent.

PAL, not only teaches the necessary skills for Independent Living; the youth also attend experiential field trips and listen to experts teach about their field. Some of the many activities include college tours, touring apartments and speaking with landlords, cooking meals with a Nutritionist, learning financial information from a national radio host and local banking authorities, and learning job skills from the local workforce affiliate. PAL has many regional conferences and college weekends; some of which are included in the video.

  1. Money Management
    1. Budgeting
    2. Checking Accounts & Envelope Systems
    3. Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
  2. Job Skills
    1. Resume Writing
    2. Interviewing Techniques
    3. Applications
  3. Housing & Transportation
    1. Touring an Apartment
    2. Understanding a Lease
    3. New Vs. Used Vehicles
  4. Planning for the Future
    1. College
    2. Technical/ Vocational Training e.g. Job Corp
    3. Military
  5. Personal & interpersonal Skills
    1. Problem Solving
    2. Relationships and Appropriate Boundaries
    3. Understanding your Strengths and Areas of Opportunities
  6. Health & Nutrition
    1. Making Medical Appointment
    2. Understanding Your Family Tree and Your Genetics
    3. Comparison & Menu/ Recipe Shopping


  • Joe - Program Director for PAL and LIFE
    432-694-7728 ext. 1028

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