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The Adoption Program is another option for families that want to provide a permanent home for children. Every child deserves a "Forever Family" with a Mom and Dad of their own. In 2011 High Sky Children's Ranch expanded its array of services to include In-State Adoptions to children whose parental rights have been terminated by the State of Texas. High Sky Children's Ranch is licensed and contracted by the State of Texas as an adoption provider.

By providing In-State Adoptions, High Sky Children's Ranch provides a continuum and continuity of care for children that have been removed from their families' by Child Protective Services.

Theoretically, a child could be removed from their family of origin and placed in one of High Sky Children's Ranch Emergency Shelters or a High Sky Foster Home and then placed in an Adoptive Home all through the same agency. The goal is always to provide as few moves as possible for each child. Every time a child is moved it creates another loss for the child.

High Sky Children's Ranch takes great pride in doing thorough Home Screenings (home studies) and providing in-depth training for each prospective adoptive parent prior to an adoptive placement. The continuum of care provided to each child enables High Sky Children's Ranch's professional staff to assist the prospective family in making an informed selection which contributes to a more successful child match.

High Sky Children's Ranch In-State Adoption Program is not limited to children placed in a High Sky Children's Ranch home or facility, but is available to any child that is in the conservatorship of the State of Texas. High Sky Children's Ranch has individual children and sibling groups available for adoption and waiting for their "Forever Family".

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