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High Sky Children's Ranch, Inc. opened its doors in 1963 under the direction of a concerned citizen, Joan Nobles, as a home for girls who had no place to go. In 1985, we changed our license to accept both boys and girls, enabling us to keep sibling groups together. High Sky was re-licensed yet again in 1987 as a treatment facility to work with more traumatized, higher level of care children and later as a Therapeutic Foster Care facility. The programs provide a structure with life skills as well as therapeutic services.

Our programs designed to help troubled children and families are: Therapeutic Foster Care, Community Foster Care, Stay Together Runaway Prevention, PAL (Preparation for Adult Living) and LIFE (Living Independently, Financially and Emotionally), and Eagles and Abell-Hanger Emergency Shelters.

MISSION STATEMENT: High Sky Children's Ranch is dedicated to healing abused children and promoting family wholeness.

History Highlights

In 1961, 100 acres of land west of Midland was purchased. Over our 50 year history, the Ranch has significantly expanded its facilities and services. Following are the highlights:

  • 1963 - Nobles Home completed and doors opened to Girls Ranch
  • 1966 - Fraternal Order of Eagles built two more youth homes:
    Casa Home and Eagles Home
  • 1972 - J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation built Administrative Home
  • 1975 - Blakemore Park, tennis courts, and basketball goals added
  • 1982 - J.E. & L.E. Mabee and Abell-Hanger Foundations built two new youth homes
  • 1983 - Allen K. Trobaugh Library Learning Center was built through community donations
  • 1985 - Re-licensed to work with boys and girls, name changed to High Sky Children's Ranch
  • 1986 - J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation built recreation area, playground, and pool
  • 1987 - Implemented International Teaching Family Model
  • 1989 - Began S.T.A.Y. Together Runaway Prevention Program
  • 1990 - Began Therapeutic Foster Care Program
  • 1991 - Purchased first community home through M.S. Doss and JE. & L.E. Mabee Foundations
  • 1992 - Built additions to Casa and Doss-Mabee homes
    Harriet and Harvey Herd Home built for additional youths
  • 1993 - Ellen and Bill Noël Therapy Center built to meet additional counseling needs
    Nelda and Bill Coleman Stables built for expanded therapeutic services
  • 1995 - Implemented on-campus school program
    Implemented specialized program for victims of sexual abuse and severe trauma
  • 1996 - Implemented Families Together and Project Secure Programs
  • 1997 - Implemented Community Services Program
  • 1998 - Began PAL program (Preparation for Adult Living)
  • 1999 - Endowment Campaign and Legislative Committee
  • 2000 - Began work on the Peace Garden and developed an Emergency Home
  • 2001 - Implemented Living Independently, Financially and Emotionally (LIFE) Program
    Nobles Training Center
  • 2002 - Implemented Healthy Texas Families Program
    Expanded LIFE Program
    Implemented Safe and Secure
  • 2003 - Opened office in Abilene for LIFE Program
  • 2004 - S.T.A.Y. (Steps for Teaching Adult and Youth Together, STAY Together) offices in Sweetwater, Snyder and San Angelo in addition to offices already established in Midland, Alpine, and Ft. Hancock
  • 2005 - Began Eagles Emergency Shelter
    Developed 6-year plan for Major Maintenance
  • 2006 - Jackie Carter Home built on High Sky Campus
  • 2007 - Patrick S. Gerald Sports Center Gymnasium opened - project coordinated by Glenda Kelly
  • 2008 - Opened Abell-Hanger Emergency Shelter
  • 2009 - Developed Eagala Horse Therapy Program
  • 2010 - Began Adoptions Services
  • 2011 - Jackie Carter Retires After 31 Years
  • 2012 - Began Foster Car and PAL/LIFE in San Angelo

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